PPC Campaign Management Program

Our staff will run a keyword query to see what keyword and key phrases best match your product or service. This generated report presents data that we can examine to adjust current bids on specific keywords or keyword phrases. This will save money by not paying high click through bids. An important element in PPC advertising is to keep the Cost Per Click as low as possible, while still referring quality traffic that clicked your link because they were interested in your product or service.
Each keyword and keyword phrase can be adjusted to a higher bid if the keyword or keyword phrase is higher ranked for a specific Ad.

    Setup and Manage Ad Words Campaign Include:

  • Creating an account for target PPC campaign
  • Run a keyword query and setup up to 50 keywords
  • Create 5 professional Ads based on query results and content of website
  • 10 hours per week Ad optimization, keyword adjustment
  • Run daily keyword query
  • Adjust Ads to query report

Goal :

    Reach maximum potential for efficient ad campaigns:

  • Because keywords and phrases are biddable, it makes certain keywords more valuable than others; a common mistake in PPC advertising is to set them and forget them. The mistake is that keyword values may change, however keyword relevancy is more stable. The relevance to a keyword of an ad and the content of the site is the most important factor of the value of a keyword.
    Reach top 3 page placement:
  • Google, among others, have several PPC ads per search result page, 3 are at the top, and the rest reside in the right hand column. Without saying, the top 3 are the most sought after. We work hard to ensure the relevancy of your ad; keyword and site content are at their maximum potential.

Social networking promotions

Included with any PPC Management program, we will even help promote your website via Facebook & Twitter posts and YouTube videos. With daily posts, this will drive up your website rankings and help to drive quality traffic to your site. Most companies can charge up to $500.00 per week just to post on Facebook!

This is included with any PPC Management Program ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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